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For over 50 years, J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc. ®, the most respected name in regulatory and compliance content delivery, has been providing regulatory management solutions to various industries including transportation, manufacturing, construction, security, and human resources.

KellerOnline® was introduced in January 2001, and has quickly become the most widely used safety management tool in the industry.

KellerOnline's unique Safety Management ProcessTM, ASSESS, PLAN, IMPLEMENT and REVIEW, is integrated with reference materials, tools and applications to help users reduce accident rates, decrease injuries, and lower workers' compensation costs.

Journalists can depend on KellerOnline® for assistance in preparing articles concerning the safety and compliance industry. Our in-house editorial staff, responsible for the content throughout KellerOnline, has been involved in the safety, regulatory and compliance fields for many years and has field specific qualifications.

For assistance with articles or for a media kit, contact Melinda Ebel at (920) 720-7827 or