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Certain content found on this site is the copyrighted property of J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc, or its third party providers. All Rights Reserved. J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc., has taken steps to be compliant with the "safe harbor" provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Use of KellerOnline Content
Whether copyrighted or not, all use of all content found at KellerOnline® is governed by the terms of the Personal License. Your rights and obligations concerning particular content can be found below in Guidelines for Use of the Content, which is part of the Personal License.

Guidelines for Use of the Content

1.     Personal Use Only.
KellerOnline content is intended for your personal professional use. Your license allows you to incorporate KellerOnline content in work you personally author. For example:

A.     You may use images – cartoons, clip art, PowerPoint® images, video clips– in preparing posters, handbooks, PowerPoint® presentations, etc., you personally author. These materials must be for internal use only and for the sole purpose of training or communicating safety and/or compliance throughout your organization.

B.      You may use text – regulations, ez Explanations®, games, puzzles – in reports, training material, etc., that you personally author for internal use only and others may not re-purpose the text you download. "Best Practices," documents may only be reproduced with the written permission of Keller.

C.     You may share the output from the Interactive Tools or incorporate it in documents, reports, etc., you personally author in a hardcopy or electronic format. These materials should be for internal use only and others may not re-purpose the output.

D.    You may not disseminate, publish or use KellerOnline content in a manner that would be competitive with, or substitute for, the purchase of additional Personal Licenses by others in your organization. This includes posting KellerOnline content (text or images) on an intranet for the sole purpose of allowing others in your organization to repurpose the content for their own use.

E.      Material Safety Data Sheets may be viewed, printed, downloaded and distributed without restriction.

2.     Internal Use Only.
KellerOnline content is for internal use within your company. You may not, and may not permit others to, use the content to prepare work, documents or reports, etc., for any party outside of your organization unless you have a Commercial Use License which gives you these rights.

3.     Online Training.
You may purchase and use Training Points for the employees of your company only. Training Points cannot be resold. User names and passwords cannot be shared. You have the ability to preview any course at no charge; however, you cannot share this ability with anyone. Training Points expire after one year or when your KellerOnline license expires, whichever happens first. There will be no refund for unused Training Points.

4.     Copyright Notices.
Copyright notices appearing with KellerOnline content - text and images - are to be retained. To use KellerOnline® content copyrighted by another organization, contact us.

5.     Information Exchange / Discussions.
You must be the author of anything you post to a discussion group, or have permission to use the content you post, or the content you post must be in the public domain. J. J. Keller, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to remove postings and/or terminate the license of any member who J. J. Keller believes has violated the terms or abused the intent of the license; including, but not limited to, posting profanities, hate speech, potential libelous statements, marketing promotions or publishing third-party content without permission.

If you have any questions regarding the use of KellerOnline, content please Contact us.

Report Unauthorized Use or Copying
Unauthorized copying of software and internet content is theft. J. J. Keller supports and participates in the Software and Information Industry Association’s anti-piracy program. You can learn more about this program at and use the SIIA site to report pirated content and software.

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