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KellerOnline® University Program Scholarship

As a student, KellerOnline® has provided you with the opportunity to use its many interactive tools and information to assist you in attaining your degree. Used by more than 19,000 Safety professionals nationwide, KellerOnline is an interactive safety management tool filled with valuable industry information that is now available to students studying safety and health management. All of KellerOnline’s tools and information are available to you, free of charge, to help you earn your degree and succeed in your future.

Now, KellerOnline is offering participants in its University Program the opportunity to apply for a scholarship unique to the program. The materials on this page will outline the requirements for the application process and show you how KellerOnline can further help you along the way toward earning your degree!

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Phone: 800-843-3174 x7802

KellerOnline® University Program Scholarship Materials

Brochure (PDF)

Application (PDF)

Activity: What’s Wrong with this Picture #1 (PDF)

Activity: What’s Wrong with this Picture #2 (PDF)


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